RT-10FP 10 Channels Forced Power

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* High-grade aluminum 2U black oxide pull panel, beautiful and generous;
* 10 channel (DC24V/1A) output;
* There is a short-circuit alarm to activate the signal input automatically switch to the corresponding channel;
* 10 green LEDs visual display corresponding channels;
* The fire alarm activation signal is optional for high and low levels;
* Two 25-pin input/output activation interfaces are available;
* For driving the strong cut system;

Item NO.RT-10FP
The number of channel groups can be controlled10 (activated by the alarm signal) ‘CH1 to CH10’
Alarm activation‘ALARM in’, ‘ALARM OUT’
Alarm activationlow (0V)
Controlled voltage outputDC24V x 1A/CH1 to CH10 per channel
Note: less than 20 ohm per kilometer line resistance is required
Power cord(3×1.5 mm2) x 1.5M (standard)
Power consumption20 to 300W
Machine size89(H) x 483 (W) x 350 (D)mm
Net weight8.84kg