IP-8200PG Digital IP Network Paging Microphone

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* The desktop microphone design, high-grade aluminum alloy black pull shell, beautiful and generous;
* The 3.5-inch LCD display is configured to provide a user-friendly human-machine interface;
* Bring your own 19 touch buttons, function keys, call any terminal, easy and fast operation;
* With a stereo line input interface, one route to the exit;
* Built-in hi-fi 3W/8o full-frequency listening horn for two-way calls and network monitoring;
* Two-way intercom function, two-way intercom between two-way terminals;
* Support for infrared remote control reception, remote control can complete all operations;
* One-click reception for help, intercom function, to achieve a fast connection;
* Support static IP and DHCP two ways, cross-network segment, cross-route, easy to configure the use;
* You can select any partition from it according to a pre-set number of partitions, so as to speak to multiple terminals;
* The high-point pick-up microphone is equipped to ensure that the call is clear and undisturbed, and the bar can be removed at will;
* The terminal can bring its own lines and other signals, real-time encoding into high-quality audio data stream, play to the target terminal;
* With the function of calling bell prompt and broadcast bell prompt;
* Can receive other broadcast terminal pagers and multiple terminal simultaneous pagers automatically queue waiting function;
* Super anti-jamming performance, to avoid the unstable factors of infrared operation;
* The use of embedded computer technology and DSP audio processing technology design, support digital echo elimination, audio compression function;
* The use of high-speed industrial-grade chip, start-up time is less than 1 second;
* Built-in 1 network hardware audio decoding module, support TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP (multicast) protocol, to achieve network transmission of 16-bit stereo CD sound quality audio signal;
* Support for remote on-demand function, support for 1000 levels of custom audio priority silent control (support for multiple signal amplification, mixing, three-level priority control, tone adjustment);
* The authorized operation management function supports the unified configuration of the server to manage users and passwords;
* Supports the breakpoint playback function of digital audio time, to ensure the simultaneous effect of broadcast;
* Supports the smart voice prompt function when the terminal is newly configured for registration (e.g. the device is connected);
* Support for 15KVESD protection, built-in network isolation lightning treatment circuit;
* 1 PC to download IP address serial port, used to modify the network decoding module IP address;
* Support for a variety of call policies, including call waiting, call forwarding, no answer alerts;
* Support automatic answering, manual answering, support for custom answering tones;
* Built-in meeting scheduling management function to support meeting discussion mode;
* Easy to expand, not subject to geographical location restrictions, no need to add room management equipment;

Item NO.IP-8200PG
Network interfaceStandard RJ45
Power supplyDC 12V/3A
MIC input sensitivity10mV
Maximum power consumption≤ 10W
Line input level400mV
The built-in speaker output impedance and power8 s 3W
Line Out Output Level and Impedance0.775V-1K
Audio bit rate8Kbps to 320Kbps adaptive
Frequency response40Hz to 20KHz
Signal-to-noise ratio≥70dB
Sample rate8K to 48KHz
Audio formatMP3
Total Harmonic Distortion≤1%
Transmission rate10/100Mbps
Standby power≤1W
The operating environment temperature-20°C to 85°C
Humidity in working environment10% to 90%