IP-S8000 Digital IP Webcast Control Software

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* Network audio control software is the operating core of the whole system, supporting the operation of the broadcast terminal in the system, the basic parameter configuration of the broadcast terminal, responsible for audio streaming services, scheduled task processing, terminal management and rights management and other functions;
* Manage program library resources, provide timed playback and real-time on-demand media services for all terminals, respond to program playback requests from each terminal, and provide data interface services for each audio workstation;
* Support up to 1000 unicast tasks or program transmission, support multi-server distributed provisioning and server clusters;
* Support for custom terminal names, unlimited grouping, unlimited timing tasks, unlimited timing grouping, support unlimited audio acquisition playback, timing playback, one-click call and playback;
* Support multi-user, arbitrary level of control management, support unlimited listening terminals, multi-task real-time monitoring, support unlimited environmental monitoring functions, program library support unlimited files and unlimited folder management;
* Support program timed offline playback tasks, support remote manual, intelligent control terminal power supply;
* Support for mobile WIFI on demand, support for any choice of playback terminal;
* Support all-day unattended work, support power-off data protection, support automatic discovery of bound terminals, support custom heartbeat data, support up and down alerts, support bubble pop-up window reminders;
* Software supports embedded development of third-party platforms, provides standard MFC dynamic link libraries, and integrates with other system platforms (e.g. building visitor systems, surveillance video systems, etc.);
* Support any monomer, grouped calls, music playback, timing, ringing function, support remote wireless remote control, and support intelligent combination of keys, support remote volume adjustment, playback, song selection function;
* Support the system login-free, log-out self-start function, does not affect the time ringing and other functions to run, support background recording, support remote storage, support intelligent task recognition start recording;
* Support digital audio intelligent identification, support automatic recoding, support broken file identification, professional studio management software, support temporary task saving and editing and re-call;
* Support for custom terminal partition shortcuts, support up to 5 kinds of task volume;
* Supported virtual terminal access, support portable mobile client operation;
* Support the whole district, district fire linkage, support fire N ± N mode, support manual alarm and digital alarm mixing;
* Support for unified management terminal login password, and support authorization scope management, 10 priority management, and support easy automatic authorization;
* Support PSTN broadcasting, built-in user-friendly Chinese voice, support mobile phones, landlines, small smart, ocean-going telephone broadcasting, compatible with global telecommunications system access;
* Support for SMS voice broadcasting, support for mobile or linked specified numbers or public number information transmission;
* Support task management, session management, hardware management, user management, authorization management, media management, network adaptive management;
* Support a full range of log query, filtering, retrieval, output, terminal start, play, management, control, up and down, timing, trigger, fire, call, intercom, help, alarm, remote control, demolition;
* The use of standard optional installation module, software package with system server software, relay server software, remote client software, broadcast client software, fire alarm software, wireless remote control software and telephone broadcasting software, etc. , to support customers to customize the choice of installation, to minimize the system resources occupied, improve
the efficiency of system operation, is the industry’s most flexible installation of broadcasting software;
* The use of background system services, is the enterprise-level standard server working mode, the boot system can run automatically, compared to the software running in the front of the interface has a higher stability and reliability;
* Windows service mode, support Win7 to Win10 and other system platforms, built-in 7 system services, and support system watchdog;