MP3 Mixer Amplifier with 6-Zone (MP3 Player, FM Tuner, Bluetooth, 6-Zone, VC for each zone)

MP3 Mixer Amplifier with 6-Zone (MP3 Player, FM Tuner, Bluetooth, 6-Zone, VC for each zone)

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It adopts advanced and efficient power amplification circuit,

with player and LCD screen, wireless Bluetooth playback, radio and USB playback,

with 3-channel microphone input, 3-channel line input and 1-channel auxiliary output, and 6-channel partition selection output.

The output volume of each partition can be adjusted independently,

the voltage output is 100V, the output power is 120W/240W/360W/500W/650W, and the output frequency response range is 100 ~ 16KHz;

Each input volume can be controlled independently, with high and low volume adjustment;

Microphone 1 is set as the highest priority function to automatically suppress other input signals;

The equipment is equipped with abnormal work protection warning function.

When the input signal is too large, the load is too heavy, the temperature is too high, and the line circuit, the corresponding indicator light will prompt, which has high reliability.

2U standard chassis design, aluminum alloy panel, beautiful and practical.

Box size: 485 * 88 * 300mm;

Net weight: 9.5kg


Item NO.RS-6S120RS-6S240RS-6S360RS-6S500RS-6S650
Rated output power120W240W360W500W650W
Output mode4-16 Ω , 70V, 100V
Microphone inputmic1 / MIC2 / mic3: 600 ohms( Ω) 10-15 MV, unbalanced
Line inputAUX1 / aux2: 10K ohms( Ω) 150-470 MV, unbalanced
Auxiliary output0.775v (0 dB)
Zone control6 partition control output (100V)
Frequency response80hz ~ 18khz( ± 3dB)
Nonlinear distortion THD< 0.3% at 1kHz, 1 / 3 rated output power
S / NLine:85 dB , MIC:>72 dB
Tone adjustment rangeBass: 100Hz( ± 10dB) , TREBLE:10kHz ( ± 10dB)
Output adjustment rate< 3dB
Cooling modeDC 12V fan forced air cooling mode
Indicator lightPower: “power”, level display: “2, 4, 6, 8, 10 ‘
Power line(3 × 0.75mm2) × 1.5m (standard)
Power supplyAC 220 V ± 10% 50-60Hz
Power consumption240W480W720W1000W1300W
Machine size88 (H) × 485(W) × 300(D)mm88 (H) × 485(W) × 341(D)mm
Net weight9.5kg12kg12.8kg15.8kg16.4kg