Pre Amplifier RS-3001PRE

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* High grade aluminum 2U black oxidation drawing panel, beautiful and generous;
* 10 bit led level dynamic indication;
* With bell / siren output and priority function;
* 10 input channels (5 microphones, 3 lines and 2 emergency channels);
* The volume of each input channel can be adjusted independently;
* With total volume adjustment, independent adjustment of treble and bass;
* It has the function of silent sound, and automatically silent to – 30dB;
* It has four AV output interfaces and can connect four pure post stage power amplifiers;
* It has 1-way squelch mode switch, which can turn on or off the squelch mode as needed;
* It has 1-way signal grounding and floating switch, which can be selected according to on-site debugging;
* The audio output has three kinds of (0.75V / 1V / 1.5V) gain selection switches, and the factory default output is 0.75V;
* Dual power supply of DC24 V and AC100 ~ 240 V is adopted, and DC24 DC power supply is automatically switched when there is no mains power input;

Item NO.RS-3001PRE
Mic600 ohms (Ω)5mv, unbalanced
Emergency input (EMC)10K ohms (Ω)200mV, unbalanced
Line input (aux)10K ohms (Ω)200mV, unbalanced
Line output10K ohms (Ω) 775v (0 dB), unbalanced
Frequency response60Hz ~ 15KHz ( ± 3dB)
Nonlinear distortionthd < 0.01% at 1kHz
S / N> 70 dB
Tone adjustment range100Hz ( ± 10dB) , TREBLE:12kHz( ± 10dB)
Silence suppression abilitywhen mic1 is input, MIC2 ~ mic5, emc1 ~ EMC2, AUX1 ~ aux3 signal attenuation is 0 ~ 30 dB;
when emc1 ~ EMC2 is input, MIC2 ~ mic5, AUX1 ~ aux3 signal attenuation is 0 ~ 30 dB
Power supplyAC220V ± 10% 50-60Hz
Power consumption10 ~ 15W
Machine size89 (H) × 483(W) × 350(D) mm
Net weight5.96kg