RC-4108C/D Digital Wireless Conference System Microphone

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• Discussion type digital conference system unit;
• Anti electromagnetic and mobile phone interference function;
• LCD screen, which can display battery power, microphone ID number, system control information and other working states;
• The button adopts a new structural design, comfortable hand feeling and silent operation;
• Gooseneck microphone design, microphone head has a red light ring to indicate the startup status;
• The external transmitting antenna enables the signal to be transmitted in all directions and will not be out of control within the effective range;
• Unit metal bottom shell design, high-grade and durable;
• Built in lithium battery power supply, USB interface charging, 6 hours of charging, can be used continuously for 12 hours.

Model NO.RC-4108C/D
Power supply3.7V 2100mAh
Transmitted power10 mW
Sensitivity-43 ± 2 dB@ 1 Khz
Frequency response30 Hz – 18 KHz
Duration of continuous use12 hours