RC-6518C/D Digital Conference System Microphone

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•Intelligent digital design control circuit, low power consumption.
• Touch the induction button to make the unit panel more integrated;
•High-fidelity unidirectional condenser microphone core, sound reproduction, high clarity and low noise;
• The delegate unit has the function of applying for speaking, and the order of the meeting is orderly and not chaotic;
•Excellent anti-interference ability from mobile phones;
•With internal magnetic high-fidelity speaker, it will automatically mute when the microphone is turned on, and it is not easy to produce howling;
•Dual speaker design, can be used for conference amplification and playing conference background music;
• A volume control knob is designed on the left to adjust the volume;
• The left side is designed with 2 3.5 audio output and input interfaces, and the access device can replace the conference microphone to speak and listen to the content of other non-voting conference speeches;
• The conference unit supports hot-swappable function, comes with a 2.1-meter 8P cable, hand-in-hand connection mode, easy installation and flexible operation;
•Metal base, durable, beautiful and fashionable, not fading or deforming.

 Model NO. RC-6518C/D
 Type Condenser
 Directivity Single directivity
 Frequency Response 40Hz-16KHz
 Sensitivity -43 ± 2 dB @ 1 KHz
 Input voltage DC 9 V (Supplied by host)
 Min Input impedance 1 KΩ
 S / N Ratio > 90 dB
 Input cable 2.0 M 8 core shield cable
 Accessory Windproof Sponge