RC-6614C/D Surface Mounted Digital Conference System Microphone

RC-6614C/D Surface Mounted Digital Conference System Microphone

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• Embedded desktop design, beautiful, fashionable and durable
• External three key voting and electronic sign in function.
• The aluminum alloy panel has red speech indicator and intelligent digital design control circuit, with low power consumption
• High fidelity single directional capacitor microphone, sound restoration, high definition and low noise;
• The chairman unit has the priority to speak and can close other non voting units at any time;
• The chairman unit has the right to approve the representative’s speech by pressing the button to show his identity;
• Excellent anti-interference ability of mobile phone;
• 315 degree omni-directional bending stainless steel hose;
• The unit is equipped with 2.1m single output 8p connection and t3n connection, which is easy to install and improves the installation efficiency;
• The conference unit supports hot plug function and is equipped with 2.1m 8p connecting cable; Hand in hand connection mode, easy installation and flexible operation

Model NO.RC-6614C/D
DirectivitySingle directivity
Frequency Response40 Hz – 16 KHz
Sensitivity-43 ± 2 dB @ 1 KHz
Input voltageDC 9V (Supply by host)
Min Input impedance1 KΩ
S / N Ratio> 90 dB
Output socket2.0m 8p terminal block
Input conductor2.0m 8p shielded wire
AccessoryWindproof sponge, 2.0m 8pt3m shielded wire

Product NameDigital Wired Conference System Main Controller
Model NO.RC-6610MU
Power supplyAC 100-240 V 50 / 60HZ
Output impedanceRCA- 200Ω
Input impedanceLINE-50 KΩ
S / N ratio> 90 dB (1 KHz THD1%)
Case dimension480 x 360 x 85 mm
Accessory10 m 8 core shielded cable