RC-7921 UHF Dual Channel Adjustable Wireless Microphones

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• Built in frequency automatic scanning function, you can view the scanning results on the LCD screen, and quickly search and lock the undisturbed frequency in the working state
• Two shuttle knobs and two independent 2-inch LCD screens are provided
• Provide 2 antenna channels (BNC interface), 2 balanced independent audio output channels (XLR interface), 1 unbalanced mixed audio output channel (6.35mm interface)
• Using UHF 500-900mhz frequency band, built-in 200 channels, PLL loop design
• The host has an effective working distance (visual distance) of 80-100m
• Each channel of the host has an independent ID code, handheld battery power display, and portable expandable mute function
• The host has the professional quality of high fidelity voice, powerful function and the most stable Specificationss
• The main machine adopts the standard cabinet design of 1U metal shell, which is easy to install