RC-8202 Series Digital Wireless Conference System Microphone

RC-8202 Series Digital Wireless Conference System Microphone

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• Innovative automatic air frequency locking technology is adopted, and the system supports 5000 wireless conference units at most; The wide and clear 3.2″ dot matrix color display of the system can view the battery power, time and date and other information status of the wireless unit; Support one click shutdown of all wireless units; Support simultaneous interpretation

function; Support wireless all digital video conference. It can be connected to the real company live broadcast of the platform.

• Independent music display dot matrix display, with built-in dual Bluetooth terminal and USB interface, supports recording function, wireless music playback, independent output of conference unit and music, better convenient operation, and supports switching between Chinese and English language interface.

• It has two output interfaces: 6.3mm unbalanced output and XLR balanced output. Single channel independent antenna interface.

• 128 bit AES encryption technology is adopted to support WPA / WPA2 wireless security technology; At the same time, it supports Bluetooth conference system and all digital conference system; The system supports opening 4 wireless microphones at the same time; With Bluetooth network port, wireless video conference can be realized by connecting mobile phone; Support manual / automatic ID function; Support Chinese and English language interface switching.

• Support all input and output audio, and the volume can be adjusted; Support pelco-p, PELCO-D and visca camera control protocols, and cooperate with HD camera tracking host to realize automatic camera tracking; Four microphone management modes: first in first out / Chairman mode / limited mode / limited time mode, with high-intensity antiinterference design of mobile phone electromagnetic wave, multi-level error correction and encryption, so as to eliminate mobile phone electromagnetic interference and adjacent frequency interference suppression.

Product NameMulti-Function Wireless Conference System Controller
Model NO.RC-8200M
Frequency range630-690MHz (wifi:410-470MHz)
Modulation modeBroadband FM
Adjustable range50MHz
Number of channels250kHz
Frequency stability± 0.005%
Dynamic range100dB
Maximum frequency offset± 45khz
Audio response80Hz-18KHz
Comprehensive signal to noise ratio> 105dB
Comprehensive distortion≤ 0.5%
Operating temperature– 10°C – + 40°C
Receiver modeDouble frequency modulation harmonic automatic selection
Receiver modeSecondary frequency conversion superheterodyne
If frequencyFirst if: 110Mhz, Second if 10.7MHz
Wireless interfaceBNC / 50 Ω
Sensitivity12dB μ V ( 80dBS/N)
Sensitivity adjustment range12 – 32dbv
Clutter suppression≥ 75db
Maximum output level+ 10dbv

Product NameWireless Conference System Microphone
Model NO.RC-8202C/DRC-8202AC/ADRC-8202HC/HD
Frequency response80Hz ~ 16KHz
Microphone input impedance1K Ω
Sensitivity– 46 dbv / PA
Maximum SPL100dB (THD > 3%)
Signal to noise ratio> 80dB (a)
Crosstalk> 70dB
Dynamic range> 80dB
Maximum power consumption4 W
Compliance specificationiec60914
Power supply modeBattery power supply, charging port direct power supply
Display screen1.77 inch color screen
Mic length200mm for square short mic and 420mm for long gooseneck mic
Installation methodDesktop type
Dimensions (W*D*H)200 * 140 * 70mm, excluding microphone rod