RC-PS82 8-Channel Power Sequence Device

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• The eight channel power sequencer is applicable to audio, computer, television broadcasting system and other electrical equipment that need to be started in sequence to effectively control the on-off rules

• Protect the audio equipment from current impact and reduce the impact current of electrical equipment on the transmission line

• 100v-240v universal

• 30A high-quality relay is adopted, and the maximum output of a single channel is 30A

• High power lines to meet the use of larger circuit systems

• Chip control, dual panel chip circuit design, stable and reliable

• Universal socket, suitable for various types of sockets

• Each output is provided with indicator light

• Key switch control power supply

 Rated output voltageAC 220V 50 HZ
 Controllable power supply10 channels
 Delay time of each action1S
 Rated output current30 A
 Power supplyVAC 50/60HZ, 25 A
 Single circuit rated output current30A