RDM-24S 34 Channels Signal Professional Mixer

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• Developed based on Linux operating system, it is virus free and runs more safely and stably
• 5-core CPU processor, 1.8g main frequency, rapid startup, faster running speed
• 10.1-inch 1280*800 HD touch display, Chinese and English operation interface, free switching, easier to use
• Shutdown parameters are saved automatically, so you don’t have to worry about data loss
• 34 channel signal input (30 analog +4 digital) (24 channel mic/line input, 2 groups of 3.5 lotus stereo input, 1 group of 3.5
stereo headphone input interface, 2 groups of digital input: sound card, MP3, AES digital input)
• 20 channel signal output (main output L, R, 14 aux1-14 auxiliary output, 1 stereo headphone monitoring output, AES output)
• It supports 50 signal inputs and 28 signal outputs at most
• Support dante: 32×32 Dante card is selected to realize the input and output of Dante signal and support multi track
• 1.14 inch channel TFT LCD guided display
• MIC input gain adjustment (smooth digital gain, participate in saving to the scene)
• MIC input channel (linked) parity joint debugging
• +48v phantom power supply (MIC channels can be opened and closed independently to participate in saving to the scene)
• MIC input channel independent pad attenuation switch
• Each input channel has built-in voltage limiter, noise gate, phase, high-low pass filter, 5-segment parameter equalization,
time delay, channel sound and image balance adjustment
• Fast copy function of channel parameters
• Each channel is equipped with multi-function menus, mute and monitoring; All channels are equipped with electric pushers
with a stroke of 100mm (26 Alps electric pushers)
• Input / output and effect channel independent physical pusher control
• Each channel pusher supports user-defined layer functions
• Two page turning buttons on the pusher layer (input page turning, output and effect fixed pusher, more convenient and fast
• 8 customizable physical keys; 8 DCA groups, 8 silent groups; Independent feedback suppressor management for each
• The built-in signal generator (pink noise / positive Xuan wave / white noise) can be customized to output from any one or
more output channels
• Built in real-time spectrum RTA function (color editable)
• Support dual machine synchronous data backup
• Integrated automatic mixing function; Support talkback function; Support MIDI interface input
• AUX output (before / after the pusher) can be set
• Output channel processing: high-low pass filtering, 15 segment parameter equalization, 31 segment main output (GEQ
support through manipulation on the pusher), compressor, delay, phase
• USB 8*8 multi track recording function
• Built in sound card (mobile phone, iPad, MP3, PC direct playback, recording)
• 8 quick scene call modes, 100 scene storage, customizable scene names, support Chinese input, seamless scene
switching, no sound interruption, support USB flash disk import and export
• There are 4 independent DSP effectors built-in locally, and a variety of effect modes are preset for users to use directly
• FX foot switch interface
• 12V output interface, external lighting equipment can be connected
• One click restore factory settings
• Support 232 central control; Support wired network port adjustment (or external router wireless adjustment)
• Multi operating system control software (IOS system, Android s