RVL Dual 10″ Passive Line Array System

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Product features:RVL series is a passive linear array speaker system composed of two double 10 inch linear array speakers and one heart-shaped subwoofer. The RVL-20 cabinet is only 600 mm wide and can be hung up to 24 pieces per linear array, each with two 10-inch bass, which can reproduce up to 6 dB of low distortion, low and medium frequency output. Its treble is very delicate and crisp, and it can provide very fast transient response. RVL-20S is a linear bass speaker specially developed with RVL-20. The design of the bass unit in the box is different from that of the conventional bass. One 18-inch bass unit is on the front of the speaker, one 14-inch bass unit is on the back of the speaker, and two high-performance remote bass units are perfectly symmetrical. They can provide a highly flexible heart-shaped mode in any environment. After optimization, the energy behind them can be attenuated to the maximum extent, and the attenuation can exceed 1 in the bass of the whole rear field of the speaker. 5dB sound pressure, while the front-end can maximize the increase in energy. Because this heart-shaped directional low-frequency setting makes the sound more solid and musical, in a very reverberative sound field, performers on the stage and staff behind the stage can avoid too much bass influence. RVL series is very suitable for outdoor performances, lecture halls, exhibitions, bars, conference halls and other places.

 Components2 X 10″ LF + 1 X 3″ HF1 X 10″ LF + 1 X 3″ LF
 Frequency response55Hz~20kHz38Hz~200kHz
 Sensitivity107dB ±3dB105dB ±3dB
 Max SPL136dB134dB
 Rated power700W800W
 Max Power1400W1600W
 Nominal Impedance
 Coverage Angle (HxV)120×10 Degrees120×10 Degrees
 Connectors2 X speakon IN/OUT2 X speakon IN/OUT
 TypeBass reflex speaker systemBass reflex speaker system
 Mounting HoleM8 Screw HoleM8 Screw Hole
 Dimension (WHD)600×410×290mm600 x 816 x 500mm
 Net weight23.28Kg58.38Kg