IP-3221G Wood Network Speakers

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* Balanced first-class indoor wall speaker, medium gray wooden shell, iron punch net;
* The equipment is designed with embedded computer technology and DSP audio processing technology.
* The use of high-speed industrial-grade chips, start-up time is less than 1s;
* Built-in 1 network hardware audio decoding module, support TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP (multicast) protocol;
* The network transmits audio signals with 16-bit stereo CD sound quality.
* Built-in Class D stereo 2×20W amplifier circuit, fine sound quality, strong power;
* The use of 5.25 inch medium bass unit and 1.5 inch treble unit, to provide clear language performance;
* 1 stereo line input, 1 microphone input, each with a separate sealed volume potential, never appear to adjust the noise;
* 1 short-circuit signal input, can be connected to the linkage trigger signal, in case of emergency can trigger the terminal alarm;
* 1 short-distance signal output, in case of emergency can be linked to trigger other equipment;
* The 2.4G microphone transmits a long distance and can transmit audio data steadily within an open area greater than 20 meters after successful connection;
* 2.4G plus automatic search for channel pairing with less interference, complete automatic pairing, to ensure that the product is not serial frequency, strong anti-jamming and transmission stability;
* Expanded a number of 2.5G channels, effectively avoid WIFI / Bluetooth and other 2.4G signal interference;
* 64kHz/16bit sampling rate to meet high-quality audio transmission requirements;
* The two automatic anti-screaming algorithms of mobile frequency/sink wave are used to effectively suppress the whistling sound while ensuring the distance of pick-up;
* Built-in true reverb function, effectively improve the sound quality of speech, so that speech is dry, not hard, reverb level can be adjusted;
* Supports one-click mute function, after mute AUX (3.5 audio input interface) can still transmit audio normally;
* Supports built-in microphones and external microphones, which can be configured with a headset microphone or a collar microphone;
* Support AUX audio input, the use of the global universal 3.5mm interface, the creation of a body audio signal wireless transmission;
* Support laser pen whip, automatic PD control technology, to prevent excessive laser power caused by safety accidents. It is strictly forbidden to shine on the eyes;
* Support PPT page turning: PPT page turning module support hot-swap, no need to drive software;
* The base charging design, user-friendly design, built-in strong magnetic close to the automatic suction to ensure good charging contact, while supporting MICRO USB charging;
* All settings have automatic memory function of power-down, personalized settings are more convenient to use;
* Automatic audio energy detection, detected no speech or audio input, the module can output control signal control amplifier mute;
* With power-saving mode, when the device is turned on without connection, without keys 5 minutes automatically shut down;
* Small size, ultra-low power consumption design, Chinese/English menu display;
* Sandstone black hand paint process, to create a great feel;
* The device IP address has a reset button, which can restore the initial settings in the event of loss of IP address;
* Built-in audio processing circuit, support multi-signal amplification, mixing, support for 3-stage audio signal priority management;
* Support for 1000 levels of custom audio priority silent sound control;
* Support for PSTN telephone broadcasting, support for SMS voice broadcasting;
* Support mobile WIFI on demand, support wireless remote control on demand;
* Support the server unified authorization operation management function, unified configuration management users and passwords;
* Support DHCP, compatible with routers, switches, bridge gateways, Modem, Internet, 2G, 3G, 4G, multicast, unicast and other arbitrary network structures;
* Supports the smart voice prompt function when the terminal is newly configured for registration (e.g. the device is connected);
* Support for 15KVESD protection, built-in network isolation lightning treatment circuit;
* Digital networked products, easy to expand, not limited by geographical location, no need to increase room management equipment;
* The design concept of the network-free line construction is adopted, and the installation is simple;
* The device power supply is designed with a wide voltage external adapter, and the AC100 to 240V voltages are working properly

Item NO.IP-3221G
Network interfaceStandard RJ45
Support agreementsRTP, UDP, TCP/IP, FTP
Audio formatMP3/WAV
Sample rate8K to 48KHz
Transmission rate100Mbps
Audio mode16-bit stereo CD sound quality
Output frequency80Hz to 16KHz
Harmonic distortion≤1%
Signal-to-noise ratio≥70dB
Rated power2×20W (8Ω) standard plug-in terminal
Line input sensitivity350mV standard plug-in terminals
MIC input sensitivity10mV
The ambient temperature5°C to 40°C
Ambient humidity20% to 80% relative humidity
Power consumption≤70W
Input power supplyAC100 to 240V 50Hz
Size300 x 200 x 195mm