RT-16PG 16 Zone Remote Paging Microphone

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* In conjunction with RT-16ZC partition pager;
* 8 RT-16ZC can be paged, up to 128 districts;
* There are 16 partition pager buttons and the audio signal is transmitted in a balanced way;
* Use twisted pair wire as the distance transfer medium, remote control distance of up to 1KM;
* 5 remote control partitions/pager microphones can be cascaded;
* The pager volume can be adjusted;
* The function keys are aluminum and light-touch soft-key control switches;
* With bell prompt and silent switch function;
* It has a zone-wide on/off control function to facilitate users to conduct district-wide pager broadcasts;

Item NO.RT-16PG
Microphone inputMIC:600 ohms (Ω) 5mV, unbalanced
Line outputLINE: 10k ohms (Ω) 10V, balanced
Frequency responseMIC, LINE: 60 Hz to 16k Hz (± 1 dB)
Nonlinear distortionTHD <0.5% at 1kHz
signal noise ratio S/N>70 dB
The number of zones can be controlled16 zones “CH1 to CH16”
Number of control devices8 DCI-10P
The maximum configuration of the system5 units
Partition output controlYou can manually choose to activate any partition
Function controlVolume adjustment one, device selection key 8,
partition manual selection key 16,
One full on, one full key, one power switch,
one address setting switch, one lock key,
one Microphone switch key, one LINE input,
one LINK outlet, one source channel selection switch
The indicator lightPartition status indicator CH1 to CH16, equipment selection
indicator 8, 1 microphone on status light
Power supply (DC)DC 24V
Power consumption5 to 10W
Machine size70(H) x 238 (W) x 170 (D) mm
Net weight2.3Kg