RT-501MS Main/Spare Amplifier Switch

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* High-grade aluminum 2U black oxide pull panel, beautiful and generous;
* Microcomputer control, working status LED display, at a glance;
* 5 main amplifier inputs, 1 backup amplifier inputs;
* The output volume of 5 channels can be adjusted independently;
* With automatic fault detection, automatic switching function;
* Channel switching capacity: 150V/20A, audio signal;
* The preferred equipment for the application of large-scale premises;

Item NO.RT-501MS
Number of main channel groups5 groups (CH1 to CH5)
Alternate channel1
Channel switching capacity150V/20A, audio signal
Signal input parameters0.775V (0 dB), 10k ohms (Ω), unbalanced
Signal transmission and export parameters0.775V (0 dB), 10k ohms (Ω), unbalanced Note: When the volume is turned up to maximum
Enter the detection threshold50mV, detection time constant 20mS
Output detection threshold100mV, detection time constant 20mS
Roving test cycle20mS, 30 roving tests
Signal entryIn PUT (CH1 to CH5)
The ring signal is exportedOUT PUT (CH1 to CH5)
Join the main amplifier inputINPUT (CH1 to CH5)
Join the spare amplifier inputOUTPUT (SPARE)
The main amplifier transmission and exportMAIN AMPLIFIER (CH1 to CH5)
Join spare amplifier exportSPARE AMPLIFIER
Speaker interfaceSPEAKER OUTPUT (CH1 to CH5)
Function controlPower on key one, reset key one, alarm key one, volume adjustment five,
Device address setting switch one (2 bits), online control interface 1,
short-circuit power activation port one
The indicator lightPOWER, CH1 to CH5 normal working light, CH1 to CH5 fault status indicator,
CH1 to CH5 switch status light
ProtectionAC FUSE x 0.5Ax1
Power cord(3×0.5mm2) x 1.5M (standard)
Power supplyAC 220V ± 10% 50-60Hz
Power consumption20 to 25W
Machine size89(H) x 483 (W) x 350 (D) mm
Net weight6.9kg