RC-1302 UHF dual channel wireless microphone

RC-1302 UHF dual channel wireless microphone

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• Adopts UHF 610-659.75MHz PLL for frequency synthesis technology
• Use high-band multi-band channel filter and intermediate frequency filtering, completely eliminating interference signal
• Integrated feedback technology can effectively reduce feedback and noise
• Integrated multiple noise detection systems and TONE-LOCK system to ensure the system has a powerful anti-interference function
Perfect performance with the best chips and components, through SMD original design to improve product quality and stability
• Operating distance up to 60 meters with the best conditions, under normal conditions 40 meters
• The frequency and channel are locked to protect the anti-interference function

 System Parameter RC-1302
 Working Frequency 610.00MHz-659.75MHz
 Modulation FM
 Frequency Channel 200
 Switching Bandwidth 250KHz
 Frequency Stability 0.005%
 Dynamic Range 100dB
 Max Deviation +45KHz
 Audio Frequency Response 80Hz—15KHz(+3dB)
 THD less than 2%

 Receiver Parameter
 Function Principle FIX FREQUENCY (UHF)
 Medium Frequency 110MHz, 107MHz
 Antenna Connection 2x BNC
 Sensitity 128dBuV
 Sensitivity Adjustment Range 12-32dB μ V
 Noise Rejection more than 75 Db
 Max Output Level + 10dBV

 Transmitter Parameter
 Antenna Bulit in
 RF Output less than 10mW
 Noise Rejection – 60dB
 Transmission Range 30m
 Power 2 pcs AA bateries
 Batter Life 10 hours in normal power
 12 hours in low power