RC-7406C/D TCP/IP Wired Conference Microphone

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• The latest digital microphone array technology and microphone free design are adopted to establish their own pickup channel and range. No matter who is speaking, the sound pressure level remains unchanged;
• Digital technology is adopted as the core, high-performance CPU is built in, and discussion and video tracking functions are supported
• The best pickup distance is more than 50cm, and the microphone can be placed at will, even at a long distance from the table;
• Accurate control of the sensitivity of the effective pickup range can effectively improve the sound transmission gain of the system;
• Several 9.7 gold-plated microphones are built in, and two ambient noise pickup microphones are designed to ensure high-quality voice pickup and suppress ambient noise,
• Taking into account the sound quality of analog capacitor and the directional radio characteristics of array;
• The microphone is equipped with on / 0ff dynamic LCD display to display the microphone switch status
• The unit is passive equipment and powered by the system host. The input voltage is 24V, which belongs to the safe range
• The microphones are connected by 8-core t-wire, and the wire is shielded by aluminum foil + water wire, which greatly reduces the interference of strong electromagnetic wave to the wire. The unit is equipped with single port RJ45 interface and supports class 6 and 7 network cable connection
• It can be connected to any analog processor system (digital automatic mixing system, digital audio processor, mixer, etc.) to quickly build a high-quality digital array conference system;
• The gooseneck free design allows unimpeded communication between the speaker and the participants, and the speaker also has better visual effect;
• With a larger and longer pickup range, the speaker will no longer care where the microphone is and have more activity space;

Product nameDigital Wired Conference System Chairman&Delegate line array Microphone
Model NO.RC-7406C/D
Input and output8P-DIN socket / RJ45
Output link8-core RJ45 three core wire (optional)
Frequency response120Hz ~ 20KHz
Pickup output impedance200 Ω
Number of microphones6
Maximum sound pressure level113dB SPL@1kHz
Pickup distancemore than 50cm
Power supply+ 48v10ma
Working voltageDC24V (supplied by the host)

• It adopts digital technology as the core, with built-in high-performance CPU, and supports discussion and video tracking functions
• The audio signal is processed by 32bit high-speed floating-point DSP, with a bandwidth of 20Hz ~ 20kHz and perfect and clear sound quality
• The power supply will not be affected by the long switching distance and the sound quality will not be affected
• The anti-interference circuit is designed to eliminate the interference of all mobile phone signals
• It is equipped with 2.8-inch LCD screen and independent key operation
• USB / SD card MP3 recording and playback function, graphic display, Bluetooth playback, high fidelity wav and MP3 output. When not recording, it can be input as MP3 background music
• With four 8-core microphone connectors, each channel supports 30 units and can connect 120 units; With 4 RJ45 network interfaces, each channel supports 20 units, 80 units and 12 chairman units
• It supports cascading and facilitates the simultaneous use and common management of multiple systems
• It has s terminal and 5p terminal interface, connects standard definition or HD camera, and supports Sony visca, evi HD, PELCO P / D and brc300 communication protocols
• Built in 6-in 4-out (RCA interface) video recorder, up to 6 SD cameras can be connected
• With video switching RS-232 communication interface, it can be connected to HD video switcher
• It has an alarm signal input interface. When the public address alarm system is started, it can automatically suspend the meeting and send alarm information to the participating units
• With central control code RS-232 interface, it can be connected to the central control system
• Multi channel audio input and output interface, which can be connected to sound reinforcement or recording equipment. It has sound quality correction input interface return (unbalanced input) and sound quality correction output interface send (unbalanced output), which can be connected to external audio processor to further improve sound quality. It can also be connected to a wireless receiving device, and a wireless microphone can be used.
• The host and computer can connect and communicate through TCP / IP network or USB local mode, and use PC software to set the system. You can also set the system directly on the host without a computer
• There are many meeting modes: FIFO (first in first out mode), LIFO (last in first out mode), free (full open mode), c-only (Chairman mode)
• It can set the number of speeches, automatic closing, time limited closing, voice controlled speech and other functions
• It can be installed on 19 inch standard cabinet for easy storage and safekeeping

Product nameConfcerence system controllecr
Model NO.RC-7400M
Frequency response20Hz-20KHz
Signal to noise ratio> 96dba
Total harmonic distortion< 0.05%
Recording interfaceUSB interface / SD card interface recording playback display screen
Microphone unit interfaceRound head din-8 socket interface X4, RJ45 socket X4
Cascade interfaceRound head din-8 socket x2, RJ45 socket x2
Central control connection port232 serial port x1
Video switching communication interface232 serial port x1
Camera control connectors terminal 5p terminal
Computer InterfaceUSB interface x1
Network routing interfaceRJ45x1
Video switching interfaceRCA (Lotus socket) 6×2
Audio inputRCA (Lotus socket) x2 6.3mm socket X1 (alarm audio)
Audio outputRCA (Lotus socket) x2 6.3mm socket X1 3P Phoenix plug x1
XLRXLR socket
Host power supplyAC110v-220v / 50Hz
External dimension (L × W × H)483 × 323 × 90mm
ColorBlack wire drawing / Gray sand blasting
Installation method19 inch standard cabinet